Unassuming bus hides more than you think: A spectacular handmade kitchen is just the beginning

The name says it all. Expedition Happiness was created and built by Selima Taibi, Felix Starck, and Rudi Starck-Taibi in order to live life as an adventure! The German trio began with a 1996 Thomas school bus and converted into a home on wheels.
You'd never guess from the outside that the interior space is so dreamy, roomy, and comfortable. The bus feels almost luxurious and feels like a perfect place to rest and relax while on the road to the next destination. The cockpit of the bus is pretty much untouched, save for a GPS system and a reversing camera to make navigating easier!
The living room features unfinished hardwood floors, a custom built couch with storage drawers underneath, and a built-in table that folds down for added space. The couch also folds out into a double bed, creating more room for sleeping. The owners encourage guests to come aboard and visit their unusual RV.
Eames chairs provide seating space for diners. The bus windows offer plenty of natural light, and curtains give the residents privacy when desired. The white interior creates an airy, open design that feels fresh and spacious. The living area gives way to the kitchen, which is the trio's favorite spot of the bus, and it's easy to see why.
Beautifully built with custom cabinets, drawers, and counters, the handmade space is a source of pride. "The heart of our bus," they proudly call it and explain how it's filled with utensils from all over the world, including and old milk jar from Ukraine and Lithuanian linen towels, not to mention all the love involved in the making of this kitchen.
The space features everything required for lovely meals, including an oven/range, sink, appliances, and refrigerator. Overhead cupboards and wall hooks help with the storage of cookware and dishes.
The bus has an eco-friendly composting toilet as well as an adjacent stand-up shower, giving you everything you need for life on the road.
Felix and Selima explain how they had the whole shower handmade with dark green tiles from Mercury Mosaics. Here's a shot of the work in progress:
The back of the bus houses the master bedroom, which is a white, bright fantasy. Equipped with a custom built double bed, the room features open as well as hidden storage in the form of cabinets and drawers, as well as a closet. The bedroom includes a television as well as electrical outlets.
The wood paneled walls add a cozy, rustic, shabby vibe to the interior of the room.
Imagine waking up in the morning to a view like this. It makes the journey worthwhile for these seasoned travelers and photographers!